Reserve a spot in our 6 am or 6 pm class by clicking HERE or call 972-471-9181. No experience needed!

Get to class about 15 minutes early so you can meet the instructor and sign the waiver.

Take action on the plan!

What to Expect

What you Can Expect from your CFGS Staff –

1. You can Expect to have a safe environment to come to, and an accepting community to be apart of, regardless of your background.

2. You can expect to receive specific and individual attention to ensure you are getting the best, and safest workout possible.

3. You can expect for us to follow up with you on a monthly basis to get feedback of how you are doing, and how you feel we are doing with keeping up with our expectations.

4. You can expect us to continue to invest in our facility and make it the best it can possibly be.

5. You can expect integrity from us in every aspect of the business.

6. You can expect to be pushed, most likely, farther than you ever have, and you can expect your life to change.

What we expect of you –

1. We expect you, regardless of your background, to be coachable.

2. We expect you to communicate your problems, and discomforts with us, so that we have the opportunity to help you work through them.

3. We expect you to be on time for your class. Showing up at exactly at the time the class begins means you are late.  Please be respectful of your fellow members.  We will not wait.

4. We expect, that if your life changes in a good way, to tell your friends!

5. We expect you to wear appropriate attire and shoes are expected to be worn at all times.  If there is a question as to the appropriateness, please don’t hesitate to ask.